Community in Review

George Rogers Park

Lake Oswego, Oregon

George Rogers Park in Lake Oswego is an absolute oasis. The entire park is clean and well maintained with multiple restrooms and garbage cans.  The main beach area is located on the Willamette river where you can lay a blanket down for an afternoon on the water. The water didn’t get to deep in some areas, so it was nice for my 2-year-old twins and my six-year-old. I still had all my kids in life jackets just to be safe. It was fun watching all the ducks, geese, boats and paddle boarders while playing in the sand with the kiddos. I highly recommend this park for the warm summer months to relax and stay cool. If you have a lot of stuff to bring down to the beach, there are ramps all the way down, so you can bring your stroller or wagon. It’s a great beach to visit and it’s close to many cities in the Portland area.