Choosing a Home Inspector

Many of my clients ask me for referrals for qualified home inspectors that I have used in the past. I always give my clients a choice of three different home inspectors that my previous clients have had success with. If they decide to find their own, this is the advice I like to give them when looking for a qualified home inspector. This is a crucial decision; there are some many aspects of the home that need to be fully inspected to insure that they are purchasing a sound property.

What are the inspector’s qualifications?

The National Association of Home Inspectors is a great resource to find out the background of the inspector and other involvement within the industry.

What is their experience? Do they specialize in residential inspections?

It’s important to know what the experience level of the home inspector is and how long they have been in the industry.  Always ask how many inspections they have performed and how long they have been in business.

Do they provide a detailed report after the inspection?

Having a detailed report from the inspector is an excellent resource to have when asking for repairs from the seller.  The report can be used as a reference to what repairs are needed to be completed before the close of escrow. I always recommend my clients be at the inspection. You don’t have to crawl into the crawl space with them! Just be present in case you have any questions.

Written by:

Andrea Storm

Principal Broker

JMA Properties


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